Extra Vergin Olive Oil Montelocco



Montelocco olive oil, native production of extra virgin olive oil


Venturini Baldini has also given birth to a production of extra virgin olive oil in a special and limited edition, Montelocco, so called from its place of origin, the fruit of native centenary olive trees, with origins dating back to the medieval period.


The ascertained presence of olive groves in the province of Reggio Emilia dates back to around 1,000 AD. The monks of the area took care of the cultivation of the olive tree, which supplied precious oil to the lamps of the Reggio churches. The product derived from the pressing of olives was also used in various ways, for example for medicine and fabric processing. In 1300 AD, according to the testimony of some historians, the landowners of the time provided the farmers in the area with plots of olive trees to be cultivated as sharecropping (an agricultural contract for which the owner and the farmer shared the earnings). Since 1850, there has been the introduction of native olive trees to be planted in the area. There is still the spread of new olive trees to reintroduce the autochthonous genotype in the places of origin. With its late flowering and ripening, and good productivity, Montelocco is tasted “… a fruity olive of medium intensity, herbaceous hints, tomato and artichoke. The note of bitterness and the sensation of spiciness, in perfect harmony and taste-olfactory balance … “

250 ml bottle.

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